Semi-Hermetic Reciprocating Compressor, 8CFM, 208/230/400/460Vac, Three Phase

  • California Prop 65


• Compressor Package: Service Compressor (Remanufactured)
• Voltage: 208/230/400/460Vac
• Three Phase
• Hertz: 60
• Overcurrent Protection: Internal Thermostat (Electromechanical Overcurrent Protection)
• Maximum Displacement (CFM): 8
• Two Cylinders (One Head)
• Design Variables: The suction valve is located at the motor end, uses the plain configuration and is at a 225° orientation.
Carlyle has approved the following UL listed HFC refrigerants for use in 06D and E compressors: R-134a, R-404A, R-407A, R-407C, R-407F, R-448A, R-449A, R-450A, R-452A and R-507
Carlyle has historically approved the following UL listed CFC refrigerants: R-22, R-500, and R-502 for use in 06D and E compressors.
• Oil Charge: 3 Pints (1.4 Liters) (Note: This compressor is shipped without oil.)

The oil level for all 06D compressors should be at 1/4 to 3/4 of the sight glass. (Once the compressor system has been running for at least 24 hours, the most accurate oil levels are observed when the compressor is off. Oil levels in the sight glass can be affected by the rotation of the running gear.)

The viscosity of oils used in Carlyle reciprocating compressors is ISO 68 (centistoke) for all POE oils and 150 Saybolt Seconds Universal (150 SSU or 150 SUS) or ISO 32 for mineral and alkylbenzene oils. Using oil with a different viscosity without approval from the Carlyle Engineering Department will void the warranty. (No oil additive is allowed without written approval from the Carlyle Engineering Department. The use of any unauthorized additive will void the warranty.)

The following POLYOL-ESTER (POE) oils are approved for HFCs (Note: All HFC/POE applications require a crankcase heater.):
POE68 (Do NOT use in low temperature applications.)
Totaline®: P903-1025 (1qt), P903-1001 (1gal), P903-1005 (5gal) - Castrol: SW68

Totaline®: P903-1725 (1qt), P903-1701 (1gal), P903-1705 (5gal) - Castrol: E68

The following MINERAL oils are approved for CFCs: Totaline®: P903-0101 (1gal), P903-0105 (5gal), P903-0155 (55gal)
The following ALKYLBENZINE oils are approved for CFCs: Totaline®: P903-2025 (1qt), P903-2001 (1gal), P903-2005 (5gal)

Hertz 60
Phase 3
Voltage 208/230/400/460
Max Displacement (CFM) 8
Safety Standards
California Prop 65 Yes
Weights and Dimensions
Operating Weight (lbs) 25
Exterior Dimensions (D) (inches) 20.000000
Exterior Dimensions (W) (inches) 194.000000
Exterior Dimensions (H) (inches) 24.000000
Shipping Weight (lbs) 25.000000