Performance™ Slab Style Evaporator Coil


The CSPHP evaporator coils incorporate proven standards for reliable system operation and performance throughout the life of a quality Carrier Air Conditioner or Heat Pump system. Evaporator coils manufactured by Carrier and installed as part of a total comfort system provide AHRI-rated performance ratings and are additionally listed with UL and c-UL. The coils are available for systems utilizing Puron®, the environmentally friendly refrigerant.

The CSPHP are cased slab coils that are housed in a durable, 22 gauge, pre-painted taupe metallic cabinet to match the Carrier furnaces. The fully-insulated cabinet (foil faced with R-2.1 insulation properties) provides for quiet, efficient operation of the evaporator coil. The coils are available in sizes 024 through 060 (2-5 tons).



• Designed with performance in mind, these new slab coils offer low pressure drops to enhance system performance and airflow characteristics.

Thermostatic Expansion Valves (TXV)

• All the Carrier coils have refrigerant-specific, factory-installed TXVs.

Durable Condensate Pans

• The corrosion-resistant drain pan is designed in a new “fiberglass reinforced thermoset polyester” material (FRTP) that offers unsurpassed pan strength.

Refrigerant Connections

• The coils are provided with industry proven sweat-connections for leak-free operation to maintain system reliability.

Burst Pressure

• These coils meet or exceed burst pressure of 2100 psi which is at least three to five times the pressure they will see in actual application.

UV Knockouts

• The cased coils also come with factory-installed UV knockouts for quick and easy installation of Carrier UV lights.


• The coils are removable from the front of the unit without use of any tools, after the door is removed. The units are also designed with a single size screw, the same size as used on all our Carrier furnaces. One tool required for all jobs.

Installation Flexibility

• The CSPHP evaporator coils are cased slab coils that provide flexibility for a wide variety of field applications. The unique design is great for all those horizontal applications. It should be noted that this new design maintains the same duct size openings as previous units, so replacement of present horizontal coils will be easy to convert.

NOTE: For cooling-only units, coil can be installed in either airflow direction. Heat pump applications require specific airflow direction to obtain performance.

Tin Plated Copper Coils

• “T” models are built with special hairpins, tin plated to resist both general pitting corrosion and excessive indoor corrosion Formicary Corrosion. (Formicary Corrosion is an industry phenomenon.)

Aluminum Coils

• “L” models are built with aluminum hairpins, designed to resist both general pitting corrosion and excessive indoor corrosion Formicary Corrosion. (Formicary Corrosion is an industry phenomenon.)