VVT Zone Controller

  • California Prop 65


Product Integrated Controller

The VVT Zone II controller provides zone level temperature and air quality control for a variety of pressure-dependent VVT applications. This advanced controller features a separable actuator for easy installation onto single duct and parallel fan-powered air terminals. It also features native BACnet communications and plug-and-play connectivity to the Carrier i-Vu Building Automation System.



Application Features

  • Sophisticated factory-engineered and tested algorithms provide reliability and energy efficiency
  • Pressure dependent space temperature control
  • Supports modulating hot water, 2-position hot water, single, 2, or 3 stage electric heat, or zone perimeter heat
  • Built-in advanced control routines for zone level humidity control or zone level demand control ventilation (ASHRAE® 62)
  • Adaptive optimal start and PID control for maximum occupant comfort
  • Supports Carrier communicating room sensors, which allow for local setpoint adjustment and local overrides

System Benefits

  • Integrated Carrier airside linkage algorithm for plug-and-play integration with Carrier air sources
  • Fully plug-and-play with the Carrier i-Vu Building Automation System
  • Supports demand limiting for maximum energy savings
  • Compatible with i-Vu Tenant Billing for tracking tenants’ after-hours energy usage

Hardware Features

  • Separable brushless actuator for reliability and longevity
  • Capable of system or stand-alone operation
  • Native BACnet MS/TP or ARCnet communications


BACnet Support Conforms to the Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC) Standard Device Profile as defined in BACnet 135-2012 Annex L Protocol rev. 9
Communication Ports BACnet Port: EIA-485 port for BACnet MS/TP communications (9600 bps, 19.2 kbps, 38.4 kbps, & 76.8) or ARCnet 156 kbps
Local Access Port: For system start-up and troubleshooting (115.2 kbps)
Rnet Port: For connecting Carrier communicating room sensors and Carrier's touchscreen user interface
ARCnet Port: For connecting the actuator cable
Separable Actuator Brushless DC motor, torque 45 inch-pounds (4Nm), runtime 205 seconds for 90 degree travel during control.
Integral Pressure Sensor Precision low flow AWM series O-2 in H2O, sensitive down to +/-0.001 in. H2O. Barbed tapered airflow connections accept 3/16 in. (4.75 mm) ID tubing. Allows for readings across the 0-2 in H2O range, accurate to +/-5% of full flow at 2 in. H2O.
Inputs 3 analog inputs: RH/CO2 (0-5V), T55 (10k thermistor), SAT (10k thermistor). AIs have 10 bit A/D resolution.
1 binary input: Remote Occupancy (dry contact).
Outputs 1 analog input:Hot Water Valve (HWV). AO is 0 to 10VDC (5mA maximum) with 8 bit D/A resolution using filtered PWM.
3 binary outputs: HEAT1, HEAT2, and FAN. Relay contact rated at 1A max @ 24VAC/VDC, configured normally open.
Protection Incoming power and network connections are protected by non-replaceable internal solid state polyswitches that reset themselves when the condition that causes a fault returns to normal. The power, network, input and output connections are also protected against voltage transient and surge events.
Battery 10-year lithium CR2032 battery provides a minimum of 10,000 hours of trend data retention during power outages.
Status Indicators LED status indicators for BACnet MS/TP communication, run status, error, power and all digital outputs
Controller Addressing Rotary DIP switches set BACnet MS/TP address of controller.
Listed by UL-916 (PAZX), cUL-916 (PAZX7), FCC Part 15-Subpart B-Class A, CE EN50082-1997, UL94-5VA plenum rated enclosure
Environmental Operating Range Operating: 32° to 130°F (0° to 54°C) 10 to 90% RH, non-condensing
Storage: -24° to 140°F (-30° to 60°C) 10 to 90% RH, non-condensing
Power Requirements 24VAC +/- 10%, 50-60Hz, 14 VA power consumption, 26VDC (25V min, 30V max), single class 2 source only, 100 VA or less

California residents please see Proposition 65

Safety Standards
California Prop 65 Yes
Hazardous Material No
Weights and Dimensions
Operating Weight (lbs) 1.7
Exterior Dimensions (D) (inches) 7.000000
Exterior Dimensions (W) (inches) 6.031300
Exterior Dimensions (H) (inches) 2.500000
Shipping Weight (lbs) 2.000000