Infinity® 19 SEER, Variable Speed, Air Conditioner, 208/1

  • California Prop 65

The Infinity® 19VS air conditioner offers high-efficiency variable speed performance in a remarkably small cabinet and provides up to 19 SEER cooling efficiency. The variable speed inverter capacity control delivers up to 5 stages of operation for exceptional load matching, dehumidification and zoning performance. This product has been designed and manufactured to provide flexible system matching and work with a wide variety of indoor units and controls.

NOTE: Ratings contained in this document are subject to change at any time. Always refer to the AHRI directory ( for the most up-to-date ratings information.



Energy Efficiency

• Up to 19 SEER / 13 EER.
• Microtube Technology™ refrigeration system.


• Sound level as low as 55 dBA in low speed (Silencer System II).
• Soft start and smooth ramp to operating speeds.


• Variable speed compressor operates at 5 stages with capacity range from as wide as 25-100%
• Air cooled Inverter variable speed drive
      - System requires Infinity® Touch Control with version 11 software or newer for 5 stage operation on sizes 24-60 and version 12 or higher on size 13.
      - Ratings provided with 2-stage thermostats and suitable non-communicating indoor products for 2-stage operation.


• Puron® refrigerant - environmentally sound, won’t deplete the ozone layer and low lifetime service cost.
• Front-seating service valves.
• Inverter control drives compressor and fan motor.
• No control module attached to fan motor.
• Infinity intelligence monitors critical system parameters.
• Pressure equalizer valve for easy compressor starting.
• High pressure switch.
• Suction pressure transducer.
• Compressor discharge temperature sensor.
• Suction temperature sensor.
• Filter drier (field installed).
• Internal crankcase heater standard.

Flexibility and installation:

• 2 control wires to outdoor unit in complete Infinity® system and Touch Control.
• Energy Tracking capability with the Infinity® Touch Control. (Energy Tracking has the ability to monitor and estimate the energy consumption of your Infinity® system.)
• Smaller and lighter than 2-stage units.
• Minimum and Maximum adjustments with Infinity® Touch.


• Compatible with non-communicating thermostats.


WeatherArmor Ultra™ protection package:
• Solid, Durable sheet metal construction.
• Steel louver coil guard.
• Baked-on, complete outer coverage, powder paint.

•  Line sets up to 100 ft (30.5 m) equivalent length.
•  No long-line accessories required.