Cor Residential Steam Humidifier

  • California Prop 65

Controlling indoor humidity is very important. In many cases the
air inside a home is drier than a desert. Dry, indoor air is often the
culprit for such common problems as itchy or cracked skin, eye
irritation, dry nasal passages, and damaged home furnishings. Dry
indoor air can also increase the possibility of catching cold and flu
viruses and can reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of the
heating system.
All of these problems can be alleviated with the help of a Carrier
humidifier. Carrier offers six humidifier models designed to put
moisture back into the indoor environment so homeowners can
relax in warm, soothing comfort. Depending on the model that best
matches the system, a Carrier humidifier can deliver between 12
and 34 gallons (45 and 129 liters) of moisture per day to minimize
the problems of excessively dry air. And, because humidified air
feels warmer, using lower thermostat settings may be possible for
added energy savings.

(Steam Model)
The steam humidifier delivers humidity in the form of steam to the
conditioned space via the HVAC system duct. Unlike older steam
humidifiers using electric heating elements, this device generates
steam by energizing two electrodes that extend into a canister of
water. Current flowing between the electrodes causes the water to
boil, creating steam, which is delivered into the air stream through
a dispersion tube mounted in the ductwork. Openings in the
dispersion tube are fitted with “tubelets” which extend into the
center of the tube. The design of the dispersion tube and tubelets
distribute steam over a wide area in the duct and direct any
condensed moisture back into the steam hose.

  • Steam is generated via electrodes in replaceable canister
  • Canister can be replaced easily and quickly - no cleaning required
  • Capable of operating with either 115 or 208- 240 voltage
  • Unit can be mounted on wall, duct or indoor unit
  • Dispersion technology prevents condensation in duct
    Water filtration not required - suitable for a wide range of water
  • Granite gray color, compatible with most HVAC equipment
  • Includes: manual control, 6- ft steam hose, dispersion tube, 10- ft
    drain tubing, hose clamps, saddle valve
Safety Standards
California Prop 65 Yes
Weights and Dimensions
Operating Weight (lbs) 24.6
Exterior Dimensions (D) (inches) 22.8750
Exterior Dimensions (W) (inches) 14.3750
Exterior Dimensions (H) (inches) 12.6250
Shipping Weight (lbs) 25.0000