Factory Authorized Parts

Why use Factory Authorized Parts?

Because a perfect fit is important – this saves time and restores the equipment to its original performance.

As a Factory Authorized Dealer, you are looked on by consumers as having a higher standard of quality, of being certified by the factory and NATE. In addition, you offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the equipment and installation, which should also be guaranteeing the perfect fit part as a replacement. Your customer hired a Factory Authorized Dealer and has the right to expect Factory Authorized Parts.

There are a variety of additional reasons why you should use Factory Authorized Parts for both you and your customer:

For the Homeowner, FAP:

  • Preserves original system efficiency and engineered sound requirements
  • Meets rigorous factory run life design specifications

For the Dealer, FAP provides:

  • Exact drop in replacement
  • Exact electrical connections and lead lengths
  • Exact mounting characteristics
  • Preserves UL and/or CSA approvals and listings for the parts in the original equipment