Evaporator N Coil – Cased Upflow, Downflow (Transition Coil)

  • California Prop 65

This vertical design CNPV N-coil is a furnace coil designed to provide the highest standards of reliability and durability. The coils are available for use in R-410A and R-22 refrigerant systems.

Both designs have a painted case and come with factory-installed thermostatic expansion valves (TXV). The coils are offered in different width configurations for use in multiple installation applications. Additionally, they are offered in a transition configuration, a design which simplifies making field-supplied transition duct configurations. Easy maintenance is provided as the coil slides out of the cabinet after removing the access door and service panel. The coils are available in sizes 018 through 061 (1-1/2 to 5 tons).

Transition coil models CNPVT are designed for use with one size smaller width furnaces without field modifications. Aluminum Coils - “L” models are built with aluminum hairpins, designed to resist both general pitting corrosion and excessive indoor Formicary Corrosion. (Formicary Corrosion is an industry phenomenon.)



Water Management

• These coil designs do an excellent job of water management. The coils are designed to avoid water blow-off into the ducts by directing condensate away from the fins and into the drain pan.

Durable Condensate Pan

• Each coil is equipped with a corrosion-resistant condensate drain pan. The condensate drain pan is designed with a slope to help ensure proper drainage, improved moisture removal, and home comfort.

Compact Design

• Unique design offers as much as 2 to 4 in. (51 to 102 mm) less in height to aid in tight installations.

Brass Inserts

• Every condensate pan features two 3/4 in. female threaded brass insert connections. The unique brass inserts provide for a leak-free condensate line connection to prevent water damage.

Refrigerant Connections

• The coils are provided with proven sweat-connections for leak-free operation maintaining system reliability.

Burst Pressures

• These coils meet or exceed burst pressure of 2100 psi which is at least three to five times the pressure they will
see in actual application.

Thermostatic Expansion Valves (TXV)

• All Payne coils have refrigerant-specific factory-installed TXVs.

Teflon Ring

• The ring, installed inside the liquid line connection at the TXV, is the best option for preventing refrigerant leaks and
future service calls. Teflon works with both R-410A and R-22 refrigerants.

Protective Tube Sheets

• Protect the durable copper tubing from being damaged during the manufacturing and installation process.