Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer

Carrier’s first dealer program was launched in 1933. Every year since then, Carrier and it’s dealers have led the way on a mission to achieve excellence. They have made the Carrier brand a force to be reckoned with. Become a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer do the same for your business.

The Factory Authorized Dealer endorsement will promote the best of the best, providing a distinction in the marketplace that will reward those dealers for their drive and determination – for carrying forth the vision and values exemplified by Willis Carrier – and for launching Carrier into a second century of leadership.

The Factory Authorized Dealer distinction communicates to the consumers a dealer who embodies excellence – who delivers on the promise day in and day out. It focuses on delivering real service – improving customer satisfaction with the Carrier brand by diligently evaluating and improving business practices at all levels. It represents a set of standards and integrity the dealer honors and the consumer will trust.

But what’s in it for you when you become a Factory Authorized Dealer? A lot!

Lead Volume
Dealer Locator Ranking
Full year financing
Rebate differentiation
Homeowner Selling Point
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
President’s Award

If we’ve peaked your interest, talk to your TM. They can expand on the program benefits as well as explain the participation criteria. The criteria may be challenging, but the benefits that you can enjoy by earning this premium dealer endorsement are also very rewarding. From marketing and lead generation opportunities, exclusive training benefits, promotional opportunities, to improving your company’s bottom line, this endorsement can help and support your business growth. It also helps reinforce your expertise with homeowners.

To learn more about how this program can benefit your company, please contact us.