Sporlan Catch-All Liquid Line Filter Drier 3/8" ODF 16cu. in.

  • California Prop 65


REMOVES MOISTURE — The Catch-All Filter-Drier removes moisture from the refrigerant and lubricant by adsorbing and retaining moisture deep within the desiccant granules. The blend of desiccants used in the Catch-All is specially formulated for exceptional moisture removal. The high degree of activation ensures maximum water capacity, which means the core removes a large amount of water in one pass, thereby protecting the expansion valve from possible freeze-up. Since the refrigerant must flow through the core, maximum contact between the two ensures rapid system dehydration.

REMOVES FOREIGN MATTER — Scale, solder particles, dirt, and all types of foreign substances must be removed to protect the compressor, solenoid valves, expansion valves, capillary tubes, and other close tolerance parts of a refrigeration system.

The solution to system filtration is the Catch-All Filter-Drier. The Catch-All has been designed to do the job with maximum efficiency. It removes these particles, down to the minimum size, in one pass filtration. Furthermore, the large filtering surface available on the core results in the ability to collect a large amount of dirt with negligible pressure drop. If plugged, the Catch-All will not burst allowing trapped substances back into the system.

REMOVES ACIDS — The Catch-All Filter-Drier is unexcelled in acid removal ability. The hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, and various organic acids found in used oil samples are harmful in a system. These acids are adsorbed and remain on the desiccant in a manner similar to the adsorption of moisture.

Laboratory tests have shown that the Catch-All Filter-Drier’s desiccant has an acid removal ability superior to other desiccants used in other refrigeration driers. Compared to other filter-driers designed for today’s systems, tests show the Catch-All Filter-Drier removes much more acid (on an equal weight basis).

The Catch-All has demonstrated excellent field performance in cleaning up severely contaminated systems, whether due to acid, lubricant breakdown, or to hermetic motor burnout. Its success in field service work and in protecting new systems is largely due to its outstanding ability to remove acid and the products of lubricant breakdown.

REMOVES SLUDGE AND VARNISH — Even the best refrigeration lubricants frequently break down to produce organic acids and possibly varnish and sludge. These products of lubricant decomposition, are formed due to excessive heat or air in the system. Varnish can plug small orifices and accumulate on compressor valves causing eventual valve failure.

The ability of various desiccants to remove these products of lubricant decomposition has been evaluated in sealed glass tubes. Of all the desiccants tested, only the desiccant used in the Catch-All Filter-Driers proved capable of removing the products of lubricant breakdown. This ability makes the Catch-All Filter-Drier highly effective in cleaning systems that have had a hermetic motor burnout, and in protecting new systems by preventing an accumulation of these lubricant breakdown products.

BLEND OF DESICCANTS — Through constant engineering research, Sporlan developed a blend of desiccants that gives each core maximum contaminant removal characteristics for today’s systems. Each core is formulated with molecular sieve for high water capacity and activated alumina for acid removal. A special grade of activated alumina granules is used to obtain the maximum ability to remove acids and products of lubricant breakdown. The overall result is balanced contaminant removal ability.

UNIFORM MOLDING — Sporlan pioneered the molded porous core. The core is carefully molded to assure a uniform porosity throughout the entire length and surface of the core. The granules of desiccant are carefully sized and controlled to obtain the proper porosity for maximum filtration ability.

OUTLET SAFETY FILTER — A final “safety filter” is used in the outlet of every Catch-All. This involves either a specially developed polyester pad or 100 mesh screen that collects particles that might have rubbed off during assembly, and serves as added protection in case the molded core is broken.

LEAKPROOF SHELL — The Catch-All shell is welded by the heliarc method, which gives a very smooth, strong, entirely leak-proof joint. The fittings are attached to the shell by copper brazing. This type of joint is one of the strongest and most reliable joining methods known. Each Catch-All is pressure tested in our factory to make sure that it does not leak. The overall result is a Catch-All with strong, entirely leak-proof joints.

QUALITY FITTINGS — The flare fittings and solder fittings used on Sporlan Catch-Alls are inspected 100% during manufacture to make sure no defects are present. The solder fittings are copper fittings with reliable ID dimension for exact fit to the copper tubing. Flare fittings are nickel plated and their surfaces are smooth and free of scratches. Any imperfect flare fittings are resurfaced during manufacture.


• Made for use with the following refrigerants: R134a, R22, R404A/507, R407C and R410A.
• Desiccant Volume: 16cu. in.
• Inlet Connection Size: 3/8" ODF
• Outlet Connection Size: 3/8" ODF
• Maximum Working Pressure: 650 psig
• Surface Filtering Area: 33in²

Safety Standards
California Prop 65 Yes
Weights and Dimensions
Operating Weight (lbs) 1
Exterior Dimensions (D) (inches) 7.000000
Exterior Dimensions (W) (inches) 3.000000
Exterior Dimensions (H) (inches) 3.000000
Shipping Weight (lbs) 1.650000
Country of Origin Mexico