Performance™ Two Stage, 80% AFUE, Low NOx, Variable Speed, Gas Furnace (FER), 115/1

  • California Prop 65


The 58TP1 Two-Stage, Variable-speed, 4-way Multipoise Gas Furnace offers unmatched comfort in its class with ComfortHeat® technology in an 80% AFUE gas furnace. You get the benefits of a ComfortHeat® technology furnace: reduced drafts, reduced sound levels, longer cycles, less temperature swings between cycles, and less temperature differences between rooms. Its exclusive, intelligent microprocessor control adapts to the heating needs of the home by automatically adjusting high and low heat times to maximize comfort. The 58TP1 furnace is approved for use with natural or propane gas. Low NOx units are designed for California installations and meet 40 ng/J NOx emissions. Can be installed in air quality management districts with a 40 ng/J NOx emissions requirement.



• ComfortHeat® Technology Intelligent microprocessor control.
• Two-stage heating with single-stage thermostat with patented Adaptive Control Technology.
• Very low operating sound through low-stage operation and QuieTech™ system.
• Microprocessor based control center:
      - Enhanced diagnostics with LED and reflective sight glass Stores fault codes during power outages.
      - Adjustable heating air temperature rise.
      - Adjustable cooling airflow.
• Power Heat™ Igniter.
• Draft Safeguard switch to ensure proper furnace venting.
• Insulated blower compartment.
• Inner door for tighter sealing.
• Variable-speed ECM blower motor.
      - Increased SEER ratings for AC and HP systems as compared to the Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Institute’s standard coil-only rating when paired with selected Carrier evaporator coils.
      - Perfectly matches CFM to cooling system at all static points.


• Four-position furnace: Upflow, Horizontal Right, Horizontal Left, Downflow Thirteen different vent options.
• Compact design - only 33-1/3 in. (847 mm) tall.


• SmartEvap™ - Humidity control when using a Thermidistat™ control.
• Comfort Fan™ adjustable constant fan speed from the thermostat.
• All models are Chimney friendly when used with accessory vent kit.
• HYBRID HEAT® Dual Fuel System compatible.


• Cabinet air leakage less than 2.0% at 1.0 in. W.C. and cabinet air leakage less than 1.4% at 0.5 in. W.C. when tested in accordance with ASHRAE standard 193.
• Residential installations eligible for consumer financing through the Retail Credit Program.