Premierlink Control Board

  • California Prop 65


Product Integrated Control

The PremierLink Controller is an intelligent HVAC controls device that continuously monitors and regulates unit operation with reliability and precision that minimizes downtime to ensure maximum occupant comfort.

The PremierLink controller is compatible with the Carrier Comfort Network (CCN). Carrier's diagnostic standard tier display tools such as Navigator or Scrolling Marque can be used with the PremierLink controller.

User interfaces include the CCN Service Tool, ComfortVIEW™ and ComfortWORKS® software. When used as part of the CCN, other devices such as the CCN data transfer, Linkage Thermostat, or Comfort Controller can read data from or write data to the retrofit controller.


PremierLink™ For Rooftop and Split Systems


  • DCV ready with the use of the combination CO2 & temperature sensor
  • Controls up to 3 stages of gas heat or combination of mechanical and electric heat to maintain space temperature set point
  • Ability to control exhaust fan based on economizer or occupancy on 2-stage heat units
  • Provides temperature compensated start of heating or cooling to achieve set point by the start of the scheduled occupied time
  • PremierLink controller exists on the CCN network and is compatible with ComfortLink™ controller
  • Integrated economizer control
  • Unoccupied free cool if outdoor conditions are right
  • Pre-occupancy purge for better IAQ
  • Supports Navigator and Scrolling Marquee Display and alarms (v1.x only)
  • Compatible with the T55, T56 , T58, T59 or the combination CO2 temperature sensor
  • Dehumidification on units with factory installed HumidiMi$er
  • Filter Switch input
  • Auto Fan for occupied
  • Input for remote Door Switch

PremierLink™ For Water Source Heat Pumps


  • Easy-to-use, cost effective DDC water source heat pump controller
  • Used as part of a Carrier Comfort Network WSHP Installation
  • Works with the 50RLP Aquazone System Control Panel to integrate a complete WSHP solution for coordinating, monitoring, and controlling the entire system


  • Simple implementation with factory configured and installed controller, ordered as part of the model nomenclature for any Carrier WSHP product
  • Can be supplied with 50RHC, RVC, RHR, RVR, RHS, RVS, RDS, HQ, VQ, KQ, RTG, and RWS products
  • Ready-to-use PremierLink controller includes factory-installed sensors for easy installation
  • Controls cooling and heating with a variety of CCN space temperature and IAQ sensors
  • Monitors all safety functions to provide all the features outlined for the Complete C unit controls
  • Provides the ability to relay safety alarms back through the network to a central computer
  • Occupancy schedule and set point configuration capable
  • Service configuration selection to customize service set points
  • Control configuration selection to customize all control functions
  • Monitors leaving air and water temperatures from the WSHP unit
  • Includes supply fan status, remote time clock, and fire shut down input capabilities
  • Can be used in conjunction with a Demand Control Ventilation system to provide a 0-20 ma signal to operate outdoor air dampers
  • Can be used with Carrier Navigator, a portable display module that can be used to configure and perform service diagnostics at each unit (v 1.x only)
  • Filter Switch input
  • Auto Fan for occupied
  • Input for high condensate switch


User Interface

The PremierLink™ controller is designed to allow a service person or building owner to configure and operate the unit through the CCN user interface. A user interface is not required for day-to-day operation. All maintenance, configuration, setup, and diagnostic information is available through the Level II communications port to allow data access by an attached computer running Network Service Tool, ComfortVIEW™, or ComfortWORKS® software. Data access also can be obtained from System Pilot™ or Touch Pilot™ devices.

Wiring Connections

Field wiring is 18 to 22 AWG (American Wire Gage). The PremierLink controller is a NEC (National Electrical Code) Class 2 rated device.


  • Space temperature sensor
  • Set point adjustment
  • Outdoor air temperature sensor
  • Indoor air quality sensor
  • Outdoor air quality sensor/indoor humidity sensor
  • Compressor lockout
  • Fire shutdown
  • Supply fan status
  • Remote time clock/door switch
  • Enthalpy status


  • Economizer
  • Fan
  • Cool stage 1
  • Cool stage 2
  • Heat stage 1
  • Heat stage 2
  • Heat stage 3/exhaust/reversing valve/dehumidify/occupied

Power supply

2-wire, 24 VAC ± 15% at 40 va, 60 Hz

Power Consumption

Normal operating supply range is 18 to 32 VAC with minimum consumption of 10 VA

Hardware (memory)

Internal flash memory of 64K

Specified Sensing Temperature Range

The PremierLink controller space temperature range is –40 to 245 F (–40 to 118 C). The PremierLink controller has an allowable control set point range from 40 to 90 F (4 to 32 C) for heating and 45 to 99 F (7 to 37 C) for cooling.


The number of PremierLink controllers is limited only by the maximum number of controllers allowed on a CCN system. Bus length may not exceed 4000 ft (1219 m), with no more than 60 devices on any 1000 ft (305 m) section. Optically isolated RS-485 repeaters are required every 1000 ft (305 m). Status and control data is transmitted at a baud rate of between 9600 and 38.4K.

Activity Indicators

Two activity indicators present on the PremierLink controller indicate activity. A green LED will indicate activity on the communication port and a red LED will indicate status of processor operation.


Height: 53/4-in. (146 mm)

Width: 81/2-in. (216 mm)

Depth: 3-in. (76 mm)

Minimum Service Dimensions

Height: 7-in. (178 mm)

Width: 9-in. (229 mm)

Depth: 4-in. (102 mm)

Environmental Ratings

Operating Temperature: –40 to 158 F (–40 to 70 C) at 10 to 95% RH (non-condensing)

Storage Temperature: –40 to 185 F (–40 to 85 C) at 10 to 95% RH (non-condensing)


Performance vibration: all planes/directions, 1.5G at 20 to 300 Hz


Operation: all planes/directions, 5G peak, 11 ms

Storage: all planes/directions, 100G peak, 11 ms


Office environment. Indoor use only.


Listed under UL 873, UL94-V0/5VB (plastic), and UL, Canada.

Standard Compliance

CE Mark, ASHRAE 90 and ASHRAE 62-99 compliant.

NOTE: Compliance standards subject to change without notice.

Field-Installed Accessories

  • Supply air temperature sensor (33ZCSENSAT)
  • Space temperature sensor with override button and set point adjustment (33ZCT56SPT)
  • Communicating sensor with override button, set point adjustment, and manual fan control (33ZCT58SPT)
  • System Pilot™ (33PILOT-01)
  • Humidity sensor (33ZCSENSRH-01)
  • CO2 sensor (33ZCSENCO2, 33ZCT55CO2, 33ZCT56CO2)

California residents please see Proposition 65

Safety Standards
California Prop 65 Yes
Weights and Dimensions
Operating Weight (lbs) 3
Exterior Dimensions (D) (inches) 6.000000
Exterior Dimensions (W) (inches) 8.000000
Exterior Dimensions (H) (inches) 2.000000
Shipping Weight (lbs) 3.000000
Hazardous Material No